Group Therapy Thursday: What Does He Do?

Will listens all the time and he called in looking for help.  Group Therapy Thursday is perfect for him because we allow listeners to chime in on what he should do.  Will’s story is a tough one, and hopefully listeners can help us figure out what he should do.

Will’s girlfriend, now EX girlfriend, cheated on him with one of his buddies.  They are still together and he feels really bad that he was betrayed by two of his friends.  The kicker to the story is he has photos of his ex in compromising positions that he could post around the internet that he’s not so sure she would appreciate.  What should he do?

We also thought that since Will is a good looking guy and a student at U of M, that maybe if you feel bad for him, or just think he’s cute and would like to go on a date with him, we could hook you up.

2011 Football pic


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