What Do You Regret From College?

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Millions of people go to college every year, but many of them miss out on a lot of stuff while they are there.  Many of the students also regret trying TOO many things while away at school.  You won’t believe what the BIGGEST regret of college students is.

CBS News reported about a new survey that asked people to name their BIGGEST REGRET from college.  48% wish they’d studied more, and 40% wish they’d done more networking.  BUT 4% wish they’d HAD MORE SEX!

More regrets from the survey are 25% said “making FAKE IDs” . . . 24% said “set a record for Jell-O shots” . . . 20% said “hosted a sex ed class in their dorm room” . . . 10% said “broke an ankle streaking” . . . and 8% said “had a farm animal in their dorm room.”

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