Is This A Picture Of The New iPhone 6 Coming This Summer?

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Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

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A new iPhone may be coming already this summer. There’s a new Apple patent that looks like a smartphone, but the screen isn’t flat. The patent application was filed in 2011. It described a phone that is similar to an iPhone, but instead of being like a brick, the sides are actually rounded so that the front curves around to the back and vice versa.

The reason for the rounded sides is that the gadget would have a flexible display, which can be folded up, inserted into the chassis, and then unfolded again. Some people are thinking that this concept could potentially be the next model of the iPhone.

cheatsheet Is This A Picture Of The New iPhone 6 Coming This Summer?So… what do you think of what the new iPhone could look like? Are you a fan or not? Will you spend the $5868958409685 for it or wait 3 months in line to be the cool kid at work?

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