Kim Kardashian Up To 200 Pounds!? #TrendingOnThe10s

Chubby chasing is a time-honored tradition that dates back to the dawn of man.  Over the years, we have been infatuated with many candy-coated ladies, from First Lady DOLLEY MADISON to MARILYN MONROE . . .

All the way up to KATE WINSLET and KATE UPTON. So it pains us when someone tries to disavow their SACCHARINE GOODNESS.  And that is just what KIM KARDASHIAN appears to be doing.

In an interview with “Extra”, Kim takes a shot at all the gossip rags that are claiming she weighs 200 pounds. Kim claims she wouldn’t mind if she really DID weigh that, but the tabloids are WAY OFF.  By how much, you ask?  She says, quote, “You are 60 pounds off here.”



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