Last Night On American Idol #TrendingOnThe10s

The nine remaining American Idol finalists sang from the Beatles catalogue last night. As Jimmy Iovine said, sing Lennon-McCartney songs well, and they’ll deliver for you. Sing them poorly and the world will know.

Unfortunately, for Lazaro Arbos, he never quite got hold of the delicate ballad “In My Life,” and gave his shakiest performance to date, with the judges’ critiques leaving him in tears. On the other end of the spectrum was Candice Glover, who roared her way through “Come Together” like the love child of Tina Turner and Steven Tyler.

Overall, the ladies ruled the night again. Only Burnell Taylor kept up with his gospel-tinged “Let It Be,” despite not knowing any Beatles music coming into the competition. Even when it came to deciding who would be the eleventh contestant on the Idol tour, a woman (Aubrey Cleland) beat out a man (Charlie Askew.)

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