One Direction Fans Sending Death Threats To Liam’s New Puppy

Really Directioners?! This madness for your favorite boy band has got to stop! It seems that One Direction fans have beef with Liam’s new puppy! What did the puppy ever do to you?

Liam just got an adorable new puppy he name Loki. Liam is raising Loki with his girlfriend Danielle Peazer, and there lies the problem apparently with fans. 1D fans started Tweeting out death threats to the puppy using the hashtag #dieloki.

One Twitter user posted the hashtag “#dieloki”, and included, “I’ll kill that dog #iswear.”

Other Tweets began to roll in saying, “Let’s kill him!” and, “Gun? Knife?”

One Tweet that didn’t get deleted yet said:

I’m kind of speechless about this. Who would threaten a puppy?

Directioners would you like to comment on this…

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