Lindsay Lohan Out At The Clubs After Rehab Sentence

Just when you think Lindsay Lohan may start to turn her life around (again) she steps out for a night on the town. This is unreal.

After just barley getting off the hook, Lindsay should of gone to jail, but instead she gets to do a little time in rehab. Before she does her 90 days Lohan decided to go out partying in LA! I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Lohan and her crew headed to the AV Club in Hollywood. She was greeted by chaos and photographers and she even tried covering herself up with a blanket, but that failed. Apparently Lohan got discouraged and left. Luckily she didn’t make it in that club, but who’s to say she didn’t find a “good time” somewhere else.

Just like stuffing yourself with your favorite junk food before you start a diet, I guess Lindsay was looking for one last night out before doing her rehab deal.

What do you guys think will become of Lindsay?

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