Ed Sheeran Falls On Stage

The talented red haired singer Ed Sheeran is currently on tour with Taylor Swift! It’s a huge audience for Sheeran to perform to. DOn’t know if you caught this story when it broke, but on opening night March 13 he collapsed on staged and fell hard!

As Ed was performing the song, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” he was getting all into. I don’t think this was a move he has actually practiced. It seems like he was just in the moment and went for it! As Ed jumped off a speaker, which looked cool, however he didn’t land on his feet! A fan caught it all on tape! The fall is towards the end.

I think he tripped gracefully and kind of rolled with it! I’ve certainly seen worse! Taylor’s “Red” tour, which Ed is opening for, includes 67 shows and goes until September! I’m sure he will perfect that jump! The “Red” tour comes to Ford Field in May do you have your tickets?


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