Why Do Women Lie On Facebook?

OK, while we all might have had a little white lie make it to Facebook, for some reason women LOVE to lie on Facebook!  A new study shows that women, on average, lie at least one time a month on Facebook.  You won’t believe what they are lying about.

Whenever you’re looking though Facebook, and it feels like EVERYONE’S life is more exciting than yours, here’s some consolation:  About a third of them are probably LYING.  Why, they might even be MORE boring than you!  The Telegraph says that according to a new survey of 2,000 women, at LEAST one-third of them lie, exaggerate, or distort the truth at least once a month on Facebook.  The main reason women give for lying is to make their lives seem less boring.  The number two reason is jealousy, and number three is wanting to impress people.  The most common lies are . . .


#1.)  Saying you’re doing something when you’re really home alone.

#2.)  How much alcohol you drank.

#3.)  What you did or you’re doing on vacation.

#4.)  Your job.

#5.)  Your relationship status.


Read more at The Telegraph!


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