Miley Cyrus’ Parents Devastated Over Rocky Relationship With Liam

The tabloids are splashed with the news of Miley and Liam breaking-up! Although, a source close to Miley is denying the split, even though she’s not wearing her engagement ring.

Liam is currently vacationing, solo, in Australia but should be returning home this week. Ever since Liam reportedly cheated with actress January Jones, the future of this young Hollywood couple doesn’t look too good.

On top of the rocky relationship, Miley’s parent’s Tish and Billy Ray want the two to work it out, mainly because they are worried what this split will do to Miley’s ‘image’.

A source close to the couple said,

“Miley’s parents do not want to see this split happen, they’re really worried about Miley. They hate the idea of Miley being single, especially now that she’s going through such a wild stage.”

They went on to say,

“He’s extremely disciplined and they think he’s a good influence on Miley. Without him around to keep her on track who knows how wild she could get, it’s a huge worry for them and if she’s single they know it will only get worse…”

“When Miley moved in with Liam before getting married, it was a huge deal. It caused a lot of tension between Billy Ray and Tish because he felt like she was encouraging Miley to go against their faith,” referring to the Cyrus’ strong Christian background the family was raised on.

Relief came for Billy Ray when the couple got engaged.

“If the wedding doesn’t happen he’s going to take it very hard. They have their own issues in their marriage so the last thing they need is another fight over Miley,” the source added.

Miley recently Tweet this week, “not discussing anything but my music from now on.” Hopefully she sticks to that… I don’t blame Tish and Billy Ray being concerned about their daughter!


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