Another Kardashian Sex Tape!

Rumors are flying around that there is another Kardashian sex tape flying around! This time it’s not Kim or even any of her sisters.  It is actually her mom Kris Jenner! They film is from way back in the 80’s when Kris was married to Robert at the time however the tape does not have Robert in it at all! She was actually cheating on him, at the time, with Todd Waterman.  A source stated…

“Robert [told good friend O.J. Simpson] that Kris was talking about how liberating it was to be filmed having sex and how it was a turn-on to watch herself with her lover [not Robert]. She said she felt like a porn star. When Robert heard that, he confronted Kris. But she laughed it off, telling him she was just kidding around. She said she knew he was there and wanted to teach him a lesson about eavesdropping on her conversa­tions with her girlfriends. Robert wasn’t sure what to believe, so he told O.J. about it to see what he thought.Back in the day when she was cheating on Robert, Kris was capable of anything. If a Kris Jenner sex tape is released, it could destroy the Kardashian brand and be the final straw for her mar­riage to Bruce, which is already hanging by a thread.”

Do you think the Kardashians would have been famous without any sex tapes!?

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