Hackers Are Spying On Women Through Their Own Webcams – Sleep Tight

It might be time to put some tape over the built in camera on your laptop. Creeps are now using your own webcam to spy on you, thanks to some pretty slick hacking. Hackers are infesting computers with viruses and are able to remotely gain access to a woman’s screen, camera and microphone to spy on them for their own pleasure.

To make it worse, users then go on to share the footage that they find on public forums. These hackers are known as Rats or Ratters. For some it isn’t about sex or gender – they like spying on men too just for the voyeuristic pleasure they get on being able to spy on someone’s life without them knowing.

I bet as you read this from your laptop you are trying to remember where you put the black electrical tape. Good luck, sorry to ruin your day!

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