Kitchens Items You Should Throw Away!

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Larry French/GettyImages

Larry French/GettyImages

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Wow who knew having a chip plate was a health hazard! After hearing this report on the Today Show I need to go home and throw some stuff away! I just had to share this with you.

So many times in my house we we have the argument about how long to leave food out, or how many days you can keep it before tossing. I will refer to this video the next time we have a disagreement! Also who knew you could only keep this kitchen item for two weeks. Take a look at this very useful information!

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As you can see it’s time to clean out your spices, throw your chip plates and bowls away, and keep a fresh sponge every two weeks! I was good with my morning coffee. That disappears in 10 minutes! Here’s to staying healthy!

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