Dog Owner Kicked His Dogs And Forced Them To Drink Alcohol

Thankfully this man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after being caught. This dog owner beat his dogs and then forced his pit bulls to drink alcohol!! This is just awful!

A witness saw Herbert Barron throw his dogs to the ground and then he began kicking them in the abdomen. He then forced the dogs mouth open and poured the bottle of alcohol down the dogs throats! When policed arrived the questioned the dog owner who had this to say.

“If my dogs don’t listen to me then I’m going to put them in the ground.”

Herbert Barron was arrested and booked for animal cruelty.
The witness caught it all on tape and showed the officer. He wrote this in his report.

“I observed Barron taking a running start and kicking his two dogs. Barron then picked up the two dogs by their leashes and choked them.”

Just like how some people shouldn’t be parents, some people shouldn’t be dog owners…


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