The FAA Doesn’t Approve Of The ‘Harlem Shake’ On A Plane

First it was snakes on a plane, now it’s the Harlem Shake? I’m not lying, a group of college students did the Harlem Shake on an airplane and the FAA is now looking into the incident.

During a flight from Colorado Springs to San Diego, a group of Colorado college students started the Harlem Shake in the aisles. One of the students says he asked a flight attendant for permission beforehand.  But the FAA says they’re looking at what phase the flight was in during the dance in the aisles.

You have to give it to these students, it is a pretty good idea. I’m not sure why it’s called the ‘Harlem Shake’ though. Isn’t that what Diddy used to do when he came out on stage with Biggie?

Either way here is the video causing all the controversy:

I don’t know what is worse right now, the goat videos or the Harlem Shake videos…

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