What Is The Best Way To Avoid Creepy Guys At The Gym…

Okay so my intern has been complaining all day about guys hitting on her at the gym and how some guy tried to get her number today while she was working out! I would assume a lot of females actually have this problem so when we came across this list of things you can do to avoid getting hit on at the gym we figured we would share it with you!

1) Wear headphones! This is the quickest and probably the easiest way to avoid any to all interaction while working out. If you do not like to listen to music while you are working out just simply put headphones in your ear and do not play any music. Just the fact that you have headphones in the majority if people will walk by you, nod at you, or just smile but none of them will try to talk to you!

2) Dress The Part! Wear clothes that show that you are there for business! avoid bright colors or clothes that overly expose yourself. Studys also show that if you have a work out type logo on your clothes it helps give off the idea that your are their to work out.

3) Stay focused! If you look bored or are looking around the gym this will give of the impression that you are looking to chat. Stay focused on your workout and avoid eye contact!


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