Kanye West Rants On Stage About How Much He Dislikes ‘Suit And Tie’

Kanye was being, well Kanye. West, the chi-town rapper ranted during a concert in London. After he performed “Clique”, he talked about the Grammys and people respecting his creativity. He also spoke about reminding people why he does what he does. If you didn’t know this about Mr. West… he’s kinda outspoken.

He said he hates business people and sponsors, the ones who ask him in meetings how they can “sell” what he’s doing instead of understanding and respecting his music. In his words, he said: “The Grammys can s*** my d***.” You can fill in the rest.

He also said he’s got love for Jay-Z, but he “not feeling that Suit & Tie sh**.” WHAT?!?!!? How can you not love anything the Justin Timberlake touches? Check out Kanye’s rant live on stage below. 


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