Ellen DeGeneres Teased Mila Kunis About Ashton Kutcher #TrendingOnThe10s

ELLEN DEGENERES was pretty merciless to MILA KUNIS on her show yesterday.  As you probably know, Mila won’t talk about her relationship with ASHTON KUTCHER.  So Ellen went right for the throat.

First she started asking Mila about Valentine’s Day.  She didn’t mention Ashton, but she asked a lot of vague questions about whether or not it’s a big day for her, and what she’d do IF she had someone to share it with.

Then she changed the subject to “That ’70s Show”, asking Mila if she stays in touch with anyone from the cast.  Then she put a picture of Mila and Ashton from the show on the big screen behind them.

She asked, quote, “Do you talk to him at all?”

Mila didn’t break down and admit anything.  But to her credit, she seemed to be having a blast.  She laughed until her eyes started tearing . . . although she said that happens when she gets nervous.


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