Top 10 Ways To Erase Your Ex Digitally came out with 10 ways to erase your ex.  I feel like this is something that could be helpful to so many people so here you go!

1) Change your profile picture.  It is most likely you happy at a time when you guys where dating and it will just remind you of those days

2) Update your relationship status.  Do not let it sit there waiting for one of you two change it.  Let the world know you are now single and begin your life without them

3) Un-tag your photos again this will just remind you of your ex and will bring your emotions back! DO IT

4) Delete tagged status’ and wall posts.  One of the worst things about social media is always there get rid of the “Omg out first dat —tag:ex”

5) This may seem childish but unfried and block your ex.  That part of your life is over so move on!

6) If you do not want to block them all together then block them from your news feed this way they do not pop up every time you log onto social media.

7) Do not have overly emotional posts and if you did delete them.  This will one bother your friends and two let your ex know you are still thinking about them

8) Hide updates from their good friends

9) – your exes check-ins on foursquare

10) Log off from your accounts (for a while).  Step away from social media be with those who care.  Spend time with your close friends and family and off social media.


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