Eminem And Sesame Street Are Being Used To Torture Prisoners

A new documentary by Al Jazeera TV claims that music from “Sesame Street”, and rap and heavy metal songs have been used to torture prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay.

After hearing that some of his educational children’s music was being used as a weapon of war, Grammy award winning songwriter Christopher Cerf set out to learn more.

Al Jazeera camera’s followed him as he talked to former soldiers and detainees and found out prisoners were shackled in private cells and subjected to near deafening music from Metallica, AC/DC, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, and Rage Against the Machine plus children’s classics from Sesame Street and Barney.

When played loudly over many days it induces sleep deprivation, weakness, disorientation, and feelings of powerlessness.

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