Walgreens Selling Pitbull Pepper Spray

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Came across this story and I think it is rather crazy!

Walgreens is selling pepper spray, but the difference with this pepper spray is it is being sold with the tag line “Pitbull Defense Maximum Strength Pepper Spray“.  I really thought by now that the majority of people understand it is not pitbulls that are naturally violent, it is how they are raised. Is it really worth it to marketing company to continue this misconception of pitbulls, hoping to sell a few more bottles of pepper spray? 

Companies producing things like this have two very strong negative effects on the community:  first, it continues to enable the misconceptions that all pitbulls are violent. Secondly, it can potentially enable pitbull owners to think it is okay to abuse their dogs and use this as a way to train them.

It is one thing to use pepper spray as a defense mechanism, but it is another thing to target it against a specific breed of dogs.

Is anyone a pitbull owner or a dog lover like me? What are your thoughts?

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