Facebook App Can Tell You Who Gave You The Flu

OK, Buck and Coop may not be doctors, but they feel like they are because they have a new app that can tell you how you got sick.  It works with Facebook to do research to see how you got the flu.

If you got the flu, we might be able to help you find how who gave it to you.  The new app is called “Help, my friend gave me the flu.”  It uses Facebook to follow who gave you the flu. The app can even help you prevent getting the flu by checking who already has it!

Get the “Help I Have The Flu” app for Facebook here!

With the huge flu outbreak in Michigan, we thought it might be fun to see where you got the flu.  Well, because it’s always fun to blame someone.  According to the NY Daily News, here is how the app works:

“Clicking on the “Who Made Me Sick” button on the Facebook page will track down prime suspects, such as those who’ve mentioned the word ‘flu’ in their status updates or those who’ve had multiple late night posts, as sleep deprivation, the app reasons, puts people at increased risk for catching a cold.”


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