Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Relationship Was Arranged!?

Could this be true is Taylor Swifts and Harry Styles relationship all set up for the increase exposure of Harry!? A source recently reported this to Showbiz Spys:

“Little does Taylor know that Harry’s handlers went to great lengths to put the two together because she’s such a huge star,”

Another source stated:

“Anytime Taylor starts dating a new guy she gets a flurry of media attention, and her breakups receive even more. After one of Taylor’s relationships sours, it’s almost a sure bet she’ll write a song about it and there will be even more waves of publicity. That’s why her romance with Harry was arranged by his handlers. When his advisers saw the potential for a blossoming relationship, they began doing everything they could to push the two closer together. It took some time because Taylor began to date Conor Kennedy, but they didn’t give up and saw to it that Harry was waiting for her with open arms when she broke up with him. Now they’re just waiting for the relationship to take its course and reap the publicity benefits of a breakup. The problem is, Taylor has really fallen hard for Harry, so her heartbreak is going to be a real doozy.”

So what are your thoughts on this!? I doubt the relationship was fully set up but I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry’s people s helped the process and made it a lot easier for the to link up.  However, it is a little crazy to me to think that they would do this just in the hopes of a big break up resulting in extra media.  What are your thoughts…!?



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