Buck And Coop Check Out ‘America’s Next Top Model’

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This past Friday, Buck and Coop headed out to Ferndale to check out the competition for America’s Next Top Model.  They were holding a casting call, and this year, it will be a co-ed season.  So when in Ferndale not only did Buck and Coop get to talk to all those auditioning for the show, they also wanted to get everyone’s opinion on the new trend – meggings!

The new trend in the fashion world is meggings.  I mean, it’s pretty simple, they are leggings for men.  And since Buck and Coop refused to show them off, they had their intern, Super Dave, model them! Check them out on Super Dave to see what you think.

photo1 e1357559138762 Buck And Coop Check Out Americas Next Top Model

Also, hear what contestants there for the audition had to say:

On a mobile device, click HERE to listen!

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