Is Male Tanning Okay?

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So today when I went tanning I got a few funny faces like “um why is this guy tanning!?” So I got kind of curious if it is awkward for guys to tan.  I came across a survey of 7100 women and man which showed that 72 percent of people admit to the fact that they find tanned people more attractive.  It also showed that 66 percent of people felt that tan people look healthier (which I completely understand this is not true and know the side effects that tanning can have on your body). I even came a accords one salon which said that 27% of their clients are males, therefore I am not the only guy getting my tan on! So if the average person finds a tanned person more attractive is it ok for men to go tanning!? I am curious to what you think! Is it weird that I tan!?? Does your boyfriend tan!?



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