Do’s And Don’ts Of A Breakup In The Social Media World

Do NOT stalk your ex online:

Avoid all contact with any of their social media! Do not go on their Facebook don’t scroll through their timeline on twitter, don’t look at their pics on Instagram and so on!  Seeing any small thing about them being happy or with another person would consume your day.  Also if you see a post about them missing you although this could be good it could bring all your emotions back! I would even recommend to de-friend them although it sounds childish it is needed at times

Don’t post any small thing about your ex on social media:

Anything that you may post about them can only start more problems.  If you bash them on social it makes you look immature and proves to them that you miss them! The bottom line is you want to be able to spend as little time thinking about them as possible and if your tweeting about them than people start asking and so on you are wasting your time! If you want to talk about the situation do it with a close friend off social media!

Do NOT add or follow your ex’s new GF/BF:

This might seem like an obvious one but people do it! All it will is stir the pot again.  You will prob end up getting a text from your ex yelling at you and so on.  Nothing good can come from this


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