5 Reasons Why I Like The Snow

1) It is better than rain! Rain is just ugly and whenever it rains out I feel like it ruins my day in a bad way! Rain always puts people in bad gloomy moods.  On the other hand snow at least looks nice, can be enjoyed, and does not put people it bad moods!

2) Snow ball fights! What better way to bring back your youth, and act like a kid again than a snow ball fight.  No matter how old you get, picking up a chunk of snow, making a ball and throwing at someone will never will never get old!

3) Snow days! There was nothing better than back in the day, waking up when its snowing turning on the TV and waiting to see if your school comes across the bottom to let you know it is a SNOW DAY! Having a snow day when I was a kid was basically like hitting the mega bucks! A whole day to just do nothing.

4) It is an excuse to be lazy! Ohh it’s snowing out well guess there is nothing I can really do today so I guess I will be lazy, sit on the couch, watch movies and just do nothing! We all need days like this every once in a while!

5) Everyone wants a cuddle buddy!  Once winter hits ever girl looks for a cuddle buddy right!? Well once it starts snowing out the really got on the prowl and we all know that cuddling can lead to come fun (-:

What do you like the snow!??


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