The Red-Headed Bully From ‘A Christmas Story’ Is Suing For Royalties

The red-headed kid who played the bully in 1983’s “A Christmas Story” is suing producers for royalties! National Entertainment Collectables Association licensed the rights to make toys based on the movie, and they owe money to Zack Ward, who played the bully Scut Farkus at the age of 12.

Most of the actors in the movie signed contracts that paid them for merchandising royalties, but during production, the filmmakers had Ward trade lines with one of the other child actors, which made his role bigger than was originally intended.  The producers never upgraded Ward’s contract to pay him for his publicity rights.

Ward is now 42 and is still acting. He sued because he claims he was tricked into signing away his rights for a Farkus action figure when the company realized that he wasn’t covered in the original deal the other actors made.

No word on how much Ward is asking for.

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