Buck And Coop Talk To A Newtown, CT. Teacher

There are so many affected by the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, it’s really hard to keep track, and really see how we are all connected.  Buck and Coop were able to get a hold of a teacher from Newtown, that works in a school just 3 miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary.  While she has been upset with how the media has been handling the tragedy, she has agreed to talk with Buck and Coop, as long as they didn’t give her name.

This young lady is actually a teacher at a school just miles away from Sandy Hook, and has been affected a great deal by the events this past Friday.  There are so many things going through her mind right now, Buck and Coop knew that the best thing was for her to just speak, and not answer questions. They let her get out what she wanted to, and keep inside what she felt was needed.

The interview was so in-depth, Buck and Coop needed to cut it into three pieces:

Part One:

On a mobile device, click HERE

Part Two:

On a mobile device, click HERE

Part Three:

On a mobile device, click HERE


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