Beyonce’s Birthday Present For Jay-Z!

So what could Beyonce possibly get Jay-Z that he does not already have!? Hmmm how about the most expensive watch in the world! reported that Beyonce bought him the Hublot watch , also known as the “Big Bang”!  Take a seat before you keep reading because this watch full of diamonds costs $5 million and has 1,282 diamonds on it in total.

Hollyscoop also made a list of other outrageously expensive presents this high-profile couple have bought each other:

– After the birth of Blue Ivy Beyonce bought Jay a $500,000 sapphire ring

–  They bought Blue Ivy a $600,000 handmade Japanese gold rocking horse

– On Jay’s 41st Bday Beyonce bought him a $2 million white Bugatti Veyron Sports car

– For Beyonce’s 29th bday Jay-Z  bought her a Florida island for $20 million!


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