What NOT To Buy Dad For Christmas

Coop might be a few months away from becoming a father, but he still is in the Dad mindset.  He came up with a list of 5 things NOT to buy Dad for Christmas.  Some of the gifts seem like obvious “do not buy’s”, while others might have you thinking twice and going back to the store.

1. A tie – Unless your dad is a businessman, he won’t be wearing a tie anytime soon.  He probably already has the one or two he will wear for a special occasion.  

2. A paperweight – Again, unless he is a businessman, he probably doesn’t have a fancy desk that needs a nice paperweight. 

3. Electronics – Unless he has been very specific on what he wants, you probably don’t know what he needs or would use on a daily basis.  You might think it’s good, but he might just set it aside and collect dust.

4. Power tools – you might think all dads love power tools.  This isn’t always the case.  Many times, if you start buying power tools, he might feel as if you are signing him up for house repairs he might not want to do.  More tools = more work!

5. Socks – Men love their stinky, ripped up socks.  Deal with it! 


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