Trending In The D: Coop’s Baby, Buck’s Delivery Dilemma

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Congratulations to Coop! He’s a proud new father-to-be. April 15 is the due date. If you want to know the sex of the baby and the name, which is a little unusual — text “baby” to 70121.

Also, what would you do if 15 big boxes showed up on your front door from UPS or FedEx?

Coop: Open ‘em?

Buck: But they’re not for you.

Coop: Open ‘em! What if something cool is in there?

Buck: They’ve got the neighbors name on them.

Coop: So what!

Buck: What would you do?

Find out what Buck did at Did he open ‘em for a good Christmas? Will Buck laugh in the face of Karma?

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