Buck And Coop Call The Chesterfield Police

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Just last night, one of the members of Buck and Coop had their life threatened.  At 8:15 PM, a member of the show had to call the Chesterfield Police Department because of someone broke into their house!  Listen in to what happened!

Tech producer Will just moved to Chesterfield with his fiancee.  After two weeks of being there, they had to call the police.   While his fiancee was at school, someone was trying to break into the front door.

After the possible intruder spent 3 minutes trying to rip the front door open, Will called 9-1-1, and hid himself in the bathroom upstairs to try to stay quiet.  A few minutes later, he heard the door swing open, and someone going through all the cabinets in the kitchen.  Listen in to what happened while on the phone with the Chesterfield Police Department and when 8 police offers came to the house:

If on a mobile device, click HERE to listen!

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