Can You Really Get Out Of That Traffic Ticket?

There are people all the time that claim they can get out of traffic tickets with no questions asked.  Many women say that crying or just their good looks get them out of tickets.  Some guys say they can just talk their way out of the ticket.  Either way, I’m not 100% sure this is really true with most people.  But thanks to a former police officer, we have a few helpful hints on making it easier to get away with a warning instead of a ticket for going too fast on the freeway!

According to Yahoo, a former police officer is going to be featured on 20/20 to discuss what it was like to be a cop.  Oddly enough, he gave a few tips on how people may be able to get out of a traffic ticket.  He mentioned that the number one thing you need to do is make sure your hands are visible.  Police officers know that many officers get shot at routine stops, so if they can see your hands, they feel better.  Another good tip was to keep ALL of your windows down.  This way they have a better view of you.

“If he can see everybody’s hands, immediately his blood pressure goes down, his pulse gets a bit slower,” Kane said. “If it’s nighttime, turn on the interior lights in your car. If it’s night or day, lower all the windows on your car. … And put your hands up on the steering wheel – high, where the cop can see them.”

He also mentioned a good tip for people with a lead foot.  On the freeway, if you speed, just don’t go 10 MPH over the limit and you should be good.  There are a few other tips you can follow.  Just check out


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