Local Group TwentyForSeven Releases New Song “All I Ever Wanted”

Put all notions of the average band this last decade has produced aside. This band is not that. TwentyForSeven’s debut EP, Forget The World, is refreshingly transparent. It’s simple. It’s raw. It’s everything you want to say and the way you wish you would’ve. And that’s just where we begin.

The young heart throbbing boy band made up of Rajiv, Matt, Blake and Corey, unveils a musical set seemingly curated by a moon-lit dance floor with pulse drivers like “All I Ever Wanted” and “Barely Breathing”. The boys are ushering in a wave of anthem music; pulling together everything we loved about the 90’s and injecting the new sound of young freedom.

TwentyForSeven just released their lyrical video for “All I Ever Wanted”:

It’s not quite rock, neither is it dance, pop or soul – but rather, the perfect infusion of everything. “Radio” and “Forget The World”, the aptly named title track, hit the mark in every way with trance-like repetition and dazzling synths.

What do you think of the boys from Michigan?

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