Lindsay Lohan Pregnant!? #TrendingOnThe10s

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Lindsay Lohan on SNL in 2012
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The Lohan’s are infamously ALWAYS on the covers of tabloids, getting into some drama, being photographed or going to jail. Well the most recent Lohan drama involves Michael Lohan (Linday’s dad) taking a paternity test for a 17 year old girl in question. Well, after 17 years of denial, it turned out positive. What could possibly be next for this broken family?…

It’s hard to believe many of the stories that come out about this family, but could a current tabloid be true? Could Lindsay Lohan be pregnant? Last night Lilo appeared on Jay Leno’s show and he brought up a tabloid story that says Lindsay Lohan is preggers…Lindsay replied citing ridiculousness!

Lindsay talked about how untrue the accusation is.  She said the tabloid made a picture look like she had a baby bump, which she didn’t.

She wouldn’t be the first star to deny being pregnant if she really is (like Snookie did), so we’ll just have to wait and see if the “baby bump” grows over time.

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