Was Jealousy The Reason Why Justin & Selena Broke Up…

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seemed like the perfect young Hollywood couple.  But after two years that fairly tale came to an end.  There are lots of speculations on what happened, and if you’re curious here’s the latest….

Remember a couple months ago when Selena Gomez was on the set filming the movie Parental Guidance  with costar Nat Wolff and they shared that passionate kiss that surfaced on the internet. Even though they were in character apparently the Biebs had a hard time with that and the jealousy began! [Justin] freaked out on that,” says one insider close to the former couple. “He would get jealous and she wouldn’t tolerate it.”   Sources close to the couple say that his break up was “a long time coming” and jealousy has been building up between the duo.

Jealousy will destroy any relationship famous or not!  There’s also a couple rumors swirling that Justin proposed to Selena twice and she turned him down. Ahhh the Biebs is heartbroken.  Maybe all they need is time apart (again) to figure it out or just let go and move on….  What do you think?


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