Psy (Gangnam Style) Teaming Up With Justin Bieber!?

Well we all know Psy from his HUGE viral hit Gangnam Style but will he be a one hit wonder!? Do not speak too soon because it looks like he is going to be teaming up with Justin Bieber!  I just wonder if Psy is still going to be rocking out shirtless as he is next to the Biebs.  Talking about the colab Psy said:

“Yeah, so we have a plan to do something together later but we doesn’t have any details yet. But, sure – we gonna do some work later on.”

However, it looks like Psy and Bieber colab might be coming sooner than it seems becasue Psy went on to say:

“I already have done with the next track already. I cannot tell you about who it’s gonna be with but I’m working with someone else right now and it’s going to be huge”

First off, I can not help but laugh a little at our friends Psy’s English! Nevertheless, what do you think about a Psy and Bieber combo!? Something you are interested in hearing OR do you think Psy will be a one hit wonder and we will never hear from him again!?


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