Kid Rock Finally On iTunes!

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Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

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Our American Bad Ass is back!  Detroit loves The Kid!  If  you’re someone who likes to buy their music on iTunes then you’ll be happy to know that Kid Rock finally took a bite from the apple.

Kid Rock’s new album Rebel Soul drops on Nov. 19th and until now Kid Rock has been one of the last high-profile iTunes holdouts, instead keeping his music inside pretty cases and away from Apple’s hands.  The reason why is because Kid Rock didn’t agree with the pricing of the songs.

“I still don’t believe that all pieces of music are the same price. I just don’t think that’s American,” he says.

Well it’s a new day, and Kid Rock  knew that eventually he would give in.  The reality is iTunes is where the majority of music fans buy their music these days.

Kid Rock will be home for Thanksgiving performing at the Lions Halftime Show at Ford Field! Are you going to the game?? This is one of my favorite Kid Rock songs.  What’s yours?


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