Harvard Students Sent The First Burger Into Space… Yummy!

A hamburger has gone to the edge of space. Five Harvard students got sponsored by a local burger restaurant and spent about 30 hours over two weekends sending the first burger up into the sky. They had gotten the burger two days before, varnished it, super-glued the layers together and screwed it to a pedestal.

The burger took about two hours to ascend to an altitude of 30,000 meters or 19 miles. It took an hour to descend. Once it landed, it was recovered about 130 miles north of Boston. The phone sent GPS data to the students every 30 minutes, but they also used wind data to predict where it would land.

The burger landed high up in a tree and a tree climber had to get it down. When the students checked their video, they found 2 to 3 minutes of clear footage. They already have the funds for another mission and hope to involve a local high school. Check it out:

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