Man Steals Lobster To Buy Drugs!

The things people will do for money! I mean I have done some crazy things for money. Everything from cutting hair in college to selling lemonade in elementary school.  However, this guy went over the top to make a buck and even worse it was all to feed a drug habit.  Charles Shumanis III a 47-year-old man has been convicted for stealing lobsters and other random meat from a supermarket in Pennsylvania.
The worst part of the story is the fact that the reason he was stealing the lobsters was in hopes of re selling it to get money to buy drugs.  On top of that this was not a one time thing for Shumanis.  It is said that he had been repeatedly stealing from this store and was finally caught!  All said and done he stole just about $350 of food and is also being charged with auto theft!  He is now looking at up to 25 years in prison.
So I hope you have not done anything like this BUT what is the craziest thing that you have done from some money!?



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