No Sleep’s Completely Unscientific and Irrelevant Election

Ok, so I stopped by 7-11 on the way in and they have two different coffee cups, Red for Romney and Blue for Obama.  With election day looming tomorrow I figured there is nothing more American than attaching politics to something completely unrelated and irrelevant.  There’s also nothing more American than Facebook and twitter.  So, in the spirit of democracy, get your vote on!

Follow me on twitter right here  to vote for Obama!

Follow me on Facebook right here to vote for Romney!

I’ll keep you posted of the results throughout the show tonight and then tally the final count and post it here at the end of the night.  Will the results predict anything about the election tomorrow?  Probably not.  But you don’t have to bring your ID or wait in line to vote here…

surprisingly…it was a dead tie!  I guess we’ll have to wait for the real thing…


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