Christina Aguilera’s new Song “Blank Page”

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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Here it is!!  The song that’s finally going to put Christina Aguilera back on top! I loved “Your Body” but it wasn’t embraced by radio for some reason.  However, “Blank Page” is haunting ….in a GOOD way!!!

Christina spoke to Billboard about Blank Page and how it has the same feel as Beautiful, which of course is one of the greatest songs ever written!

“It’s a beautiful, vulnerable, amazing ballad that reminds me of the emotional vulnerability yet empowerment feeling that you get from listening to say a ‘Beautiful’ from previous records.”

With one listen I LOVED this song, Blank Page. This is Christina Aguilera, one of the greatest voices of our generation.

“I was scared, I was unprepared, for the things you say,” she sings in the song, off upcoming album “Lotus.” “If I could undo, that I hurt you, I would do anything for us to make it through. Draw me a smile and save me tonight. I am a blank page waiting for you to bring me to life.”

Listen to Blank Page and let me know what you think! Lotus is set to be released on Nov. 13.

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