Blondes Cheat More!?

Came accross a study that did and it brought up the idea of blonde women being more likely to cheat.  This website is actually a location where people can go to call out their cheating partners for the rest of the world to know.  The website found that for women they are more likley to cheat on their man if they have blonde hair however, men are more likley to do the cheating if they have brown hair.  The crazy thing that I read was that blondes are actually 43% of the female cheating population however blondes are only about 5% of the female population as a whole.  On the other hand when it came to men, 40 % of the unfaithful had brown hair, 23 % had black hair, 20 % were blonde and 5 % were redheads
Although this is just another website with probably not an enourmous sample size the numbers are still very interesting.  Could it be true, do blonde women really cheat more!?  I personally can’t think back on girls I have dated and point out that Blondes cheated more but can you!? Why would it be that blondes cheat more!? Maybe becasue America built up this idea of a “Blonde Bombshell”!?
What do yout think!?

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