Is Chris Brown Cheating!?

So every other day we hear a story about Chris Brown being back with Rihanna or Chris Brown out on a date with his “ex” Karrueche but is what he is doing considered cheating!? He even put out a video saying how he is literally in love with two different women.  On top of that he was seen Saturday night hanging out, partying and having drinks with some of Hugh Hefner’s ladies at the Playboy Halloween party.

A witness at the party said

“He [Chris] was checking out the females and flirting. He took a few pictures with some girls, laughed and joked and kept it cool. He just wanted to show up, have some fun, jaw-jack for a minute. And it wasn’t like he was going after the bitchs there, they was hitting his ass up!”

Ok so back to the question is he cheating!? Is he doing anything wrong because he is talking to multiple women!? I feel like as long as he is being honest with both Rihanna and Karrueche and anyone else he may come across then he is doing nothing wrong.  Lets remember he is just another 23-year-old! How many people at 23 are talking to multiple people in their search to find the “right one”.  Again for me it all comes back to honesty and being up front with people! Trust and honest really go a long way.

What do you think!? Is he doing anything wrong!?


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