Buck’s Birthday Finale: A Massage From Elements Massage!

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Buck has had a pretty crazy birthday week celebration.  Coop got Buck a ton of great presents.  Buck got a special message from Gavin DeGraw, and yesterday he even got a live alligator in studio!  Today, Buck got a special present from Coop.  He got a massage from Candace from Elements Massage of Novi!  Before Buck’s massage, someone else was giving Buck a very special massage while he was blind folded.

Early Friday morning, Buck was set to get his final birthday present from Coop for the week.  Buck was completely surprised when he was blind folded, that someone came up behind him to give him a special massage.  Once he took his blindfold off, he realized the Buck and Coop tech producer, Will, was half-naked behind him, giving the massage!  But then Candace from Elements Massage in Novi!

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