Burglar Gets Shot And Is Suing!?

This may be one of the more bazaar stories that I have ever come across! Samuel Curtrufeli broke into a house owned by Jay Leone a 90-year-old man and tried to rob him.  He began by tying up poor Leone however Leone was able to get his hands on his handgun when this happened Curtrufeli opened fire and shot Leone in the jaw.  Leone then shot back and both men became very severely injured!

Here is where the crazy twist comes into play Cutrufelli, who was the one breaking into the house, is now suing Leone claiming he caused him “great bodily injury, and other financial damage, including loss of Mr. Cutrufelli’s home, and dissolution of Mr Cutrufelli’s marriage”.  How sue happy is our country if the person who was breaking into a house can sue the house owner!? You wonder why everyone and every company is so worried to do anything its because anyone will sue anyone for anything!


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