Bruno Mars Chats With Buck And Coop

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(Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

(Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

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Still in NYC after his appearance on Saturday Night Live, Bruno Mars woke up extra early to chat with Buck and Coop.  The guys talked to him about the music he is currently working on, and what is so special to him about it.  Also, Buck and Coop played a game of Tap Out with Bruno.  You won’t believe what question he tapped out on!

Buck and Coop were super excited to chat with Bruno this morning.  Once they had him on the line, they wanted to play a game of Tap Out with him.  Tap Out is played by Buck and Coop asking questions, and Bruno has to answer them as quick as possible.  The first question they asked him was about his favorite Disney movie.  Listen to the entire podcast to check it out:

On a mobile device, click HERE to listen!

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