Alex Rodriguez Gets Number From Fan While Benched During The ALCS

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New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers - Game Three
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The Tigers lead the hated Yankees 3-0 in the best of 7 series of the ALCS and here is a pretty good reason why. While the Yankees were losing to the Detroit Tigers on Saturday night, Alex Rodriguez was busy getting the phone number of a woman sitting behind the dugout.

After getting pulled from the lineup for poor performance, witnesses said A-Rod was openly flirting with two women. At one point, he had a ball boy toss a ball to them after writing a note on it asking for their digits. Yes, A Rod does have a girlfriend: wrestler Torri Wilson.

I only have a few problems with this. A) How about you pay attention to the game! It’s the playoffs. B) Dude, you get paid millions of dollars every year. Can’t you wait until after the game? C) Did you forget you already have a girlfriend? And these are just a few reason I hate A Rod!

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