Hulk Hogan Leak His Own Sex Tape!?

So yesterday I wrote a story about how Hulk Hogan plans on suing Bubba The Love Sponge, his ex best friend, for leaking Hogan’s sex tape however today the story has taken a little twist.  Looks like good old Hulk Hogan may have actually leaked his own sex tape!  Hogan has said that he plans on suing Bubba and his ex-wife for over $100 million dollars but Bubba, on his own radio show today, went on to say that Hogan Himself …

“could have had something to do with the leak of it”

…Bubba went on to call Hogan “self-centered” and even dissed his kids.

Would Hulk Hogan actually be a part of leaking his own sex tape!? I mean look at the track record of sex tapes they seem to be making everyone famous!  So many times  a “nip slip” or  an outfit malfunction have brought smaller celebrities to the cover of big magazines resulting in a huge amount of publicity! So Hogan, being basically a washed up wrestler, I would not be surprised if he were to have done this..

Do you think he leaked his own tape!?


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